Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Lunch

Eve once mentioned that I only like baking, rather than cooking. That's quite true, as I especially hate the cleaning up after all the stir-frying. For baking, I only need to wash the dishes, not the stove area. My weakness is that I like having my stove area spotless clean, so you could imagine how much I clean after cooking. Sometimes I spent just an hour (or even more if I deep-fry stuff) just scrubbing away to ensure every area is spotless clean.

But occasionally I do prepare main meals for my hubby and myself. Actually it's more difficult cooking for two persons than say, four. Sometimes we try to finish everything in one meal and end up having difficulty walking.

To cut the long story short, these are what I prepared for lunch today.

Black-sauced chicken, together with eggs and firm beancurd, recipe from Gina of KC. This is a really delicious dish, thanks Gina :)

Added a simple stir-fried cabbage for a balanced meal.


myCoffee said...

Wow, your Black-sauced Chicken dish looks simply delish!

Angie said...

Thanks ;)